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The Thunder Bird
  • The Thunder Bird

    價格自 £8.00

    The puffin


    IUCN list: Vulnerable


    Frigid air, cheeks flushed and icy finger on the shutter… We wait. Patiently.


    A ravenous gull has caused mayhem and protective parents are all hiding deep in their sheltered burrows on the cliff edge on the Isle of Canna. Coast clear – vigilantly, they emerge slowly, one by one stretching their wings.


    Lifelong mated couples return to land once a year only to lay eggs. Once old enough, pufflings will leave to the waters, where these birds spend 5 years before returning to land to start the cycle all over again.


    These beauties are now listed as vulnerable due to an increase of predators on islands, as well as toxic contamination and climate change. Unfortunately, Atlantic puffin are also still hunted for their meat, eggs, and feathers too.


    Available as an A5 print or a limited edition 1 of 10 62.8 x 44 cm signed print


    Note: Full-size image (first image) is fully-representative of print.


    Ultra High Definition photos printed on Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima Paper for high-standard results and increased light-resistance for longer-lasting, luminous colour.
    Other options of material/frames available upon request. Please contact me for more details



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